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Hey folks ...

Justin and I were looking for something to do on a cold winter's Sunday and decided we needed something big that fired something, preferably something that made a lot of noise and was basically hazardous.

So we made a Spud-zooka
(aka spud gun, spud canon, "LAW" -- light anti-tofu weapon).

I've attached some very bad pictures made with my el-cheapo web camera.

Based on current world events, decided a desert-camo paint scheme was most appropriate.

It has a 3" diameter by 11 inch long combustion chamber and a 2 inch diameter (i.e. 200 caliber, 50mm) by 3 foot long barrel. All made from PVC pipe picked up for about $10 from the hardware store.

Trigger is a piezo electric starter ($10) for a BBQ wired to a couple of deck screws in the combustion chamber.  We measure fuel from a propane torch into a 60cc plastic syringe ($2 from a farm supply store, supposed to be used to give shots to horses!) and then inject through a tire valve stem in the combustion chamber.

With 60cc of propane it will fire a spud about 300 feet.  At shorter ranges it mashes empty coffee cans (not much left of the spud either) and punches right through cardboard boxes.  Don't know yet if sour cream and bacon bits will affect performance.

Makes a very satisfying kaboom when fired but the cops haven't shown up yet.

Currently looking for more interesting targets to blast and considering using frozen spuds.

Many web sites out there about spud-guns,

We also made a Trebuchet (don't have any photos yet) that is about 18 inches tall and flings a walnut about 25 feet.  For the uninitiated, a Trebuchet is basically a cross between a catapult and a sling shot. Our Treb' looks about like the one at . Or, check out for more info.

Or, what do you get with a really big Trebuchet and a dead cow --

The full, nicely twisted site is at;

The Treb' worked but didn't make enough noise or do enough damage, hence the spud-zooka.

Looking forward to the 4th of July when (hopefully) we will have many irresponsible adults around who like to blow things up ...

Jim & Justin Sluka
The Spud-inators

The Spud-Gun Universe According to Jim:

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Bad Pictures of the Sluka-Spudzooka ( better ones coming soon? ):

The gun:
whole gun
Gun detail:
gun detail
Fueling parts:
fueling parts

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