Honda Sucks

2007 Honda Civic

At 123K miles, 10 years 10 months after it was first sold, the engine block cracked. This is a known flaw in these Honda engines. The engine warranty had been extended from 3 years to 10 years because of this known defect in manufacturing.

Honda would not help with the approximately $6000 it costs to replace the engine.

Any modern car whose engine destroys itself at 123K miles was made by an incompetent car maker.

Do not buy a used Honda Civic in the year range 2006-2009 since they all had the same problem.

If Honda made this big a mistake on this car it means all there cars are suspect.

2008 Honda Accord Coupe

This Honda has several known design and manufacturing flaws.

  1. Badly designed rear brakes that wear out before the front. My Honda dealer (Indy Honda), though they should have knowon of the problem, never checked the rear brakes at the multiple times the car was in for routine maintance. iAt about 65K miles the rear pads wore through and damged the rotors and Honda would not cover their flaw.
  2. The alternator is oddly designed and switches mode causing the head lights to blink.
  3. Like the 2007 Civic, the Accord also has a significant engine design flaw. Starting at about 60K miles The engine burns nearly 1/2 quart of oil every 1,000 miles. The Dealer, and Honda, say this is normal. Which is complete BS. If the oil level isn't checked regularly it will completely suck the oil sump dry during the normal oil change interval.

Since Honda made multiple significant errors in both these cars it means all their cars are suspect.

Do not buy a used (or new) Honda.