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WARNING: Lego_listing is still having some problems with correctly displaying user variables, times and rotation values!

This page tries to generate a reasonable, printer friendly, version of a Lego MindStorms Robotics Invention System (RIS) program. The goal is to get a printable version of a RIS/RCX program that looks similar to what you see in the MindStorms RIS software.

To Use:
Use the browse button to locate the RIS code (*.lsc) that you would like to reformat then press the submit button.

You probably don't want to use the "Include Events Listings" option unless you want to see cryptic details of how things are linked in the RIS code.

If you have a color printer you may want to set your browser to print background colors and images. This will show the highlighting for loops and decision (yes/no) blocks. (Thanks to HMB for the printing suggestion!)

  For Internet Explorer 6:
  1. Go to the "Tools" menu.
  2. Choose "Internet Options...".
  3. Pick the "Advanced" tab.
  4. Scroll down 3/4 the way to the Printing Options, check the box to "Print background colors and images."
  5. Click OK and print away.
  For Netscape 7:
  1. Go to the "File" menu.
  2. Select the "Page setup..." menu item.
  3. On the "Format & Options" tab, check the box for "Print background (color & images)".
  4. Click OK and print away.

Known Problems:

Yes/No blocks display in a format that a programmer will understand but differently than the way they display in RIS. Hopefully you can figure it out.

The RIS software stores numbers in several formats, rotation and light values are stored as expected, but times are stored as 1/100ths of a second and user values are stored as 1/10ths. I think I have the rotation, light, time, and user values displaying correctly. If you find a problem with the way numbers are displayed please let me know.

Send me an Email if you find this useful or if you have any suggestions.

Jim Sluka
Coach for Lego Legion (2001)
Coach for Crane-ium (2002)
Coach for Tharks (2003)
Asst. Coach for Enablers (2004)
Asst. Coach for Trojan Fish (2005)
Coach for T3MNN (2006)
(FIRST Lego Robotics teams)
Greenwood, Indiana, USA

Thanks to everyone who have sent in suggestions, in particular CK and HMB.

Confidentiality Statement:
Though it is possible for this program to save a copy of your RIS program we promise not to do so. Your submission is not saved in any way. Information from this page is not made available to anyone.

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To report problems please send Email to listing help.

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